Harp & Sling


Harp & Sling is a creative team of professionals dedicated to telling your story in a clear and compelling way across all platforms, eliminating confusion in your messaging and helping your company to thrive. Our mission is to guide our clients through marketing challenges with innovative ideas and strategies so that their business can grow and do good in the world.

What We Do


Website Design

Your website is the primary way your audience will get to know your brand. We design modern, clean websites that are both beautiful and powerful with a clear call-to-action and a user-friendly layout.

Video & Photography

The average consumer attention span is 3 seconds. To ensure your story is seen and heard, we create stunning videos and photography content to capture your audience’s attention and establish your brand across all platforms.

Social Media & Marketing

Your time is valuable and the ever-changing world of social media and digital advertising takes serious investment to stay cutting-edge. We will save you time by managing your social media platforms and creating targeted marketing campaigns that revolve around an effective sales funnel.

Branding & Design

Your brand is your identity across all platforms and needs to be memorable and professional. From logos and colors to your visuals and signage, we ensure your brand stands out and does your company justice.

Invest in Your Story

Invest in a guide who can deliver real results and get your company on track to grow. A clear and compelling story is your best tool to attract new customers and increase sales. With Harp & Sling, you get a team of marketing experts dedicated to telling your story, without breaking the bank.