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Interior Insights Group

The Project

Interior Insights Group came to Harp & Sling as a true startup, looking for a team to help build a brand from the ground up. Andrea Hubbard first needed a branding and web development team, but over time the partnership grew to include social media management, videography, marketing support and more. As the brand continued to grow and new opportunities arrived, Harp & Sling has remained a strategic partner to tell Andrea’s story.


Hospitality Products and Consulting




Marketing Strategy, Social Media Management, Videography, and Website Design 

Website Design

Andrea Hubbard needed a website that was both beautiful and modern, but also functional and approachable. Harp & Sling worked to create a stunning website Interior Insights Group that reflects Andrea’s eye for design and authentic personality.

Social Strategy

When Interior Insights Group began to grow, Andrea reached out to Harp & Sling to build her story on social media. What began as a 3-month experiment turned into a strategic part of Andrea’s marketing to get the word out about the incredible work she is doing in the hospitality product industry. And she does it with incredible class and authenticity.

Interior Insights Group Instagram Feed

Words from the Client

Videos & Reels

Videography has been a powerful tool when telling the story of Interior Insights Group. One of the best parts of capturing content with Andrea Hubbard is her steady commitment to be 100% herself, every time.