Equally Yolked Events & Catering

The Project

Equally Yolked Events & Catering is a family-owned company that began to grow and needed help building their brand online, including professional video and photography that showcased their hands-on, community-building approach to catering.

Our Solution

We joined Equally Yolked at multiple catering and witnessed firsthand their heart for making people feel welcome and delivering the highest levels of customer service. We captured authentic video and photography, focusing on their vision for creating a sense of community wherever they go. We built them a clean, warm website full of vibrant images and videos that highlight their commitment to excellence and continue to tell their story to the world.

Telling the Story

One of our favorite things about Equally Yolked is their genuine love for people and desire to create community over delicious meals. Capturing their personality and warmth on film was a no-brainer and tells the story of why Equally Yolked is the best caterer in Dallas. 

An Ongoing Partnership

Telling the story of Equally Yolked is a privilege we don’t take lightly. From meaningful videos to strategic marketing ideas, we’re partnering with them to grow their business and help more apartment communities experience a catering company that truly builds community.